Silversea North Europe Luxory Cruise from Southampton, 16 Jun 2017

Silversea North Europe Luxory Cruise from Southampton, 16 Jun 2017 routeCruising from: Southampton, UK;
Departure Date: 16 June 2017;
Cruise Line: Silversea Cruises;
Cruise Ship: Silversea Whisper;
Duration: 7 nights;
Ports of Call: Southampton, Bruges (Zeebrugge), Amsterdam, Hamburg, Skagen, Copenhagen (Disembark);

7-day one-way North Europe Luxory Cruise from Southampton to Copenhagen aboard Silver Whisper

Day 0

Cruising from Southampton, UK

Your 1st port of call – Southampton. Known as the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton plays host to over four million visitors a year and boasts an impressive cultural offering, from museums, music venues and art galleries, to award winning[...]

Day 1

Cruising to Bruges (Zeebrugge), Belgium

Bruges tourist information. Located in the Flanders region of northern Belgium, Bruges is the closest thing you’re likely to find in the real world to a fairytale city. Famous for its old cobbled streets, charming market squares, peaceful canals and Gothic[...]

Day 2

Cruising to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam tourist information. Visiting Amsterdam, one of the greatest small cities in the world remains a unique experience. What makes Amsterdam so attractive is the 17th century historical atmosphere combined with the mentality of a modern metropolis creating a friendly and[...]

Day 3 – At Sea Cruising

Silver Whisper invite you to enjoy Silversea’s world-class accommodations, shipboard conviviality and warm, individualized service, paired with the enhanced spaces and amenities of a larger ship.

Day 4

Cruising to Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg tourist information. Straddling the Rive Elbe, Germany’s second largest city is affectionately known as the Gateway to the World, thanks to its rich maritime history and its privileged position as one of the premier sea ports in Europe. Because of[...]

Day 5 – At Sea Cruising

Revel in the pampering treatments of an expanded wellness spa, shop the hottest trends from top designers at our shipboard boutiques, and enjoy dynamic full-scale productions in a multi-tiered show lounge. Silver Whisper luxury cruise ship has it all.

Day 6

Cruising to Skagen, Denmark

Skagen tourist information. Skagen is one of the sunniest places in Denmark, part artistic bohemia, part fishing industry and part natural beauty. The beaches are beautiful with white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. Danish and international artists[...]

Day 7

Cruising to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen tourist information. Scandinavia is very much in vogue at the moment, with the region’s literature, films and cuisine currently more popular than ever before. The quality of life in this part of Northern Europe is also famous for being exceptionally[...]

With two overnights allowing you to discover the art of Bremerhaven and tales of Copenhagen, prepare to be dazzled by the riches of nature and culture as you travel through Northern Europe on this wonderful voyage aboard Silversea Whisper.